1930 USA: Memorial Tablets


  • Site of Long Wharf, corner Chatham and State Street, marking where British embarked from Boston, March 17, 1776.
  • Site of first residence of John Winthrop, 53 State Street.
  • Site of residence of Rev. John Cotton and of Sir Harry Vane, Barristers Hall, Pemberton square.
  • Site of North Battery used during the Siege of Boston, 379 Commercial.Faneuil Hall, east end.
  • Site of Gov. John Endicott’s residence, Tremont row; also, the birthplace of Elihu Yale, founder of Yale University.
  • Paul Revere’s workshop, Exchange Trust Building, Washington.
  • “Old Brick” Church, first church in Boston, Washington, near State Street.
  • Site of First Catholic Church, 20 School Street.
  • West Church, corner of Lime and Cambridge Street.
  • Site of residence of Governor Hutchinson, Garden Court.
  • Site of Governor Leverett’s residence, Sears Building, Court.
  • Site of fortifications on Boston N eek, used during Siege of Boston, Opera House, Washington, near Dover Street.
  • First Meeting House and School, Dorchester.
  • Royal Exchange Tavern and office of stage coach, west corner of Exchange, now Congress Street.
  • Site of Governor Hitchborn house, North Street.
  • Site of Second Quaker Meeting House, Monk Building, Congress.
  • Landing place of General Champlain, the only strip remaining of the shore line of Boston Harbor, North End Park.
  • Site of the Dachet or Brinley House, headquarters of General Ward, Commander of the right wing of the Continental forces during the Siege of Boston, Mission Church, Roxbury.
  • Site of rail fence on Bunker Hill, School, Monument square, Charlestown.
Cotton House Boston 5
photo by B.A. Cotton

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