These graphs document the migration of 256 individuals from Lincolnshire to New England from 1620 through 1640.

  • 25% (64) were from the Alford Area
  • 65% (166) of these migrants were from the Boston Area
  • 10% (26) were from other areas of Lincolnshire



For the purposes of the LINCOLNSHIRE MIGRATIONS menu, the items shown above will be discussed over time. As each item is added, it will be posted in the BLOG section of the HOMEPAGE and subscribers will be notified of the addition. For now, those items listed below will be included and items show in bold highlight have been completed. Please comment on this page to discuss any additions or corrections to the list.

©  by Barry A. Cotton


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Barry Arthur Cotton is an author living in Austin, Texas in the USA and is the 7th great-grandson of John Cotton, the Puritan Patriarch of New England. John Cotton was a Founding Father to America’s Founding Fathers and was pivotal in establishing America’s first public school and its first institution of higher learning, Harvard College. Barry served on the Board of the Winthrop Society for 9 years, was National chairperson & President for 5 years, and was elected President Emeritus in 2010. Concurrently, he served as a Trustee of the Partnership of the Historic Bostons for 14 years and has authored articles for the Winthrop Journal and the Mayflower Quarterly. Recently, Barry contributed several articles to BOSTON: The Small Town with a Big Story published in September 2019. Barry’s website is at THE COTTON CHRONICLES.

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Christy K Robinson
September 29, 2019 2:15 pm

Your “reply” button isn’t working, so I’ll start a new comment. Yes, William and Mary Dyer emigrated from London in 1635. But William, his wife and children were intimately connected with the Wheelwright-Hutchinson parties from Alford, and I strongly believe the common thread was John Cotton’s churches in both Bostons. William’s father (also a William Dyer) was a “yeoman farmer” in Kirkby LaThorpe, meaning he owned his land. He was also literate. So the son who apprenticed in London and emigrated to Boston did have close ties to Lincolnshire. Where you choose to place him doesn’t matter much, I guess.… Read more »

Christy K Robinson
September 28, 2019 7:56 pm

Kirkby La Thorpe, on the road between Sleaford and Boston, sent us the wonderful William Dyre/Dyer, husband of Mary Barrett Dyer, who was the first attorney general of any American colony, in Rhode Island. He was part of the Hutchinson-Antinomian group that founded Portsmouth and Newport as secular democracies.