Although it is eight years until the 400th Anniversary of Boston, Massachusetts, it is not too early to begin promoting and planning for the event.

The primary goal of BOSTON 400 is to anticipate the 400th Anniversary of Boston, Massachusetts by shedding light on how a relatively small group of individuals from Boston, Lincolnshire, and its surrounding villages played a pivotal role in establishing the Massachusetts Bay Company and Boston, Massachusetts.

For years, this story has been fragmented while well-documented dots of a larger picture begged to be connected. Connecting these dots sheds new light on Bostons: old & new and the Boston immigrants that helped found a new nation.

BOSTON 400 contains over 450 pages of content in eight areas:

  1. Boston, Massachusetts, USA and the buildup to Boston’s 400th Anniversary in 2030.
  2. Boston, Lincolnshire, England, and those from the Boston area that migrated to Boston in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
  3. The Ties between the two Bostons from the 1700s through 2021.
  4. The Massachusetts Bay Colony, its early development, and how individuals from Boston, Lincolnshire, and its surrounding area played a pivotal role in its founding.
  5. Migration from Lincolnshire, England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony between 1620 and 1640 and the profiles of 135 immigrants.
  6. Rev. John Cotton: his life, origins, ancestors, descendants, and works.
  7. A Blog that highlights new content and research.
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Barry Arthur Cotton is an author living in Austin, Texas in the USA and is the 7th great-grandson of John Cotton, the Puritan Patriarch of New England. John Cotton was a Founding Father to America’s Founding Fathers and was pivotal in establishing America’s first public school and its first institution of higher learning, Harvard College. Barry served on the Board of the Winthrop Society for 9 years, was National chairperson & President for 5 years, and was elected President Emeritus in 2010. Concurrently, he served as a Trustee of the Partnership of the Historic Bostons for 14 years and has authored articles for the Winthrop Journal and the Mayflower Quarterly. Recently, Barry contributed several articles to BOSTON: The Small Town with a Big Story published in September 2019. Barry’s website is at THE COTTON CHRONICLES.

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Peter Harness
Peter Harness
January 5, 2022 7:40 am

As you say, it is never too early to start preparing for these big events.

I wish you well In your venture.

I was born in Horncastle, a few miles up the road and have family connections with Boston