Boston, a small town with a big story

A new website based on the book, Boston, a small town with a big story, was created in the Platinum year of Queen Elizabeth II by more than 40 computing and digital technology students from Boston College.

The book, Boston, a small town with a big story, is the creation of Richard Austin, BEM, and a community heritage project that involved more than 50 volunteer writers and researchers.

Allow the site to take you on a journey of discovery in words and pictures, dip into stories of events and people, uncover places to visit, and use the links provided to discover the back story of this small but fascinating town with a big story.

Boston has a remarkable and rich heritage. Beginning on a muddy creek meandering through fenland marshes on its way to the wash, the town grew to become a leading trading center which, over the centuries, has seen its citizens play an important part in the foundation of the United States in the mapping and exploring of newly discovered lands on the other side of the world, in revolutionizing farming and even taking a lead in the production of the humble ‘duvet’ for that ‘good night’s sleep.’

Boston’s story is ongoing, and new additions are planned. Historical facts and other information are constantly checked for accuracy, and changes are made where appropriate to ensure the information is as up-to-date as possible.