Barry Arthur Cotton created the Boston 400 website/blog/podcast to promote the 400th Anniversary of the founding of Boston, Massachusetts in 2030. He is an author and lives in Austin, Texas.

He is the 7th great-grandson of Rev. John Cotton, the Puritan Patriarch of New England. John Cotton was a Founding Father to America’s Founding Fathers and was pivotal in establishing America’s first public school and its first institution of higher learning, Harvard College.

Barry served on the Board of the Winthrop Society for 9 years, was its National chairperson & President for 5 years, and was elected President Emeritus in 2010. Concurrently, he served as a Trustee of the Partnership of the Historic Bostons for 14 years and has authored articles for the Winthrop Journal and the Mayflower Quarterly. Recently, Barry contributed several articles to BOSTON: The Small Town with a Big Story published in September 2019.

Barry’s personal website can be viewed at COTTON CHRONICLES.

Rachel Carter is a sculptor living and working in England on the Derbyshire-Nottinghamshire border. Rachel creates large-scale sculptures using the lost wax technique in bronze for the garden and smaller, more intimate, sculptures for the home. 

Since graduating with honors in Applied Arts, Rachel has found herself driven by process and materials in sculpture. In 2020, she was commissioned to create several Pilgrim Woman sculptures in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower. Her Pilgrim Woman sculptures combine hand-woven elements and include community weavings cast in bronze. A larger-than-life-size Pilgrim Woman sculpture has been installed at the Danum Gallery in Doncaster and a smaller version stands on the banks of the River Trent in Gainsborough. A third Pilgrim Woman sculpture will be installed in Boston, Lincolnshire in Spring 2022.

Rachel’s professional website is located at RACHEL CARTER SCULPTURE.

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November 10, 2021 8:28 am

Thank you Barry for inviting me to contribute to your blog, and I look forward to working with you. Rachel Carter