English immigrants fleeing religious persecution and founding what was to become America is the most common understanding of the Great Migration story. History, however, is never that simple. 17th century England was one of the most turbulent periods in English history and full of complex and conflicted monarchs and parliamentarians. Charles I is the only monarch in English history to have been put to death. His downfall and the emergence of the Massachusetts Bay Company are linked. BOSTON 400 intends to unravel the various influences that motivated

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For the purposes of the FOUNDING FACTORS menu, the items shown below will be discussed over time. As each item is added, it will be posted in the BLOG section of the HOMEPAGE and subscribers will be notified of the addition. For now, those items listed below will be included and items show in bold highlight have been completed. Please comment on this page to discuss any additions or corrections to the list.

BOSTON 400 has been launched incomplete and welcomes content contributions from others regarding 17thcentury England, the Massachusetts Bay Company and migrants from Boston, Lincolnshire and its surrounding villages.

Inquiries, content contributions, oversights, corrections, and additions can best be submitted through this CONTACT LINK.

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