THE BIRTH OF BOSTON (1648 INTERACTIVE MAP) provides details below:

  • Plot_ and Plot_No: The plot number assigned to each inhabitant’s plot on the 1648 Clough map.
  • LastName and FirstName: Last name and first name of plot owner. Last name based on the common last name provided by both Clough and Thwing. 
  • REFCode: Reference code of the citizen used in the Thwing collection.
  • AltLast and AltFirst: Alternative last name or alternative first name if there are various ways of spelling found in the archives and provided by Thwing.
  • Birth: Birth year or potential set of years of the land owner.
  • Death: Death date or year of the land owner.
  • Spouse_s_: Information on the spouse or spouses of the land owner. May include date of marriage or death, where they originate, or previous husbands of the spouse. 
  • Children: Information on the children of the land owner. May include birth date or year, the year they were married, and which spouse they were born to.
  • Occupation: Noted career or various occupations of the land owner.
  • Office: Any town office held by the land owner. 
  • Church: Any religious or church-related events related to the land owner, like the admission of family members into the church or baptisms. 
  • Legal: Any legal or court noted documentation about the citizen. This includes court orders, fines, and testimonies before court.
  • Property: Any property information including land grants given to or by the land owner. The purchasing or exchange of wharves would also be found in this section.
  • Municipal: Any interaction the individual had with the city that was not a legal matter. This includes tax records, placement of roads near an owner’s land or where the inhabitant migrated from.
  • Commercial: Any commercial activity of the land holder (running a business, opening an establishment that sold alcohol… etc)
  • Event: Any other miscellaneous events or details noted in the Thwing collection about the inhabitant. 

LAMB MAPS were drawn as of December 25 in each year from 1630 to 1645.  Each was labeled “plan of Boston showing existing ways and owners.”   All maps are courtesy of the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library.

1630     1631     1632     1633     1634     1635     1636    1637

1638     1639     1640     1641     1642     1643     1644     1645

THE APPLETON MAP is “A rough and inaccurate sketch of the streets of Boston as they are supposed to have been first laid out & the owners of the soil, from 1630 to 1650 or thereabouts.”

1711  “An Exact Draught of Boston Harbor with a Survey of most of the Islands about 1711.”

1711  Boston wharves from Long Wharf drawn by John Bonner in 1714.

1722  Plan of Boston in 1722 by Abel Bowen.

1722  “The town of Boston in New England” by John Bonner is the most famous colonial map.

1739  “A New Plan of ye Great Town of Boston in New England in America with the many Additional [sic] Buildings & New Streets to the Year, 1739” was published by  William Price.

1743  “A New Plan of ye Great Town of Boston in New England in America, with the many Additional [sic] Buildings & New Streets to the Year 1743“, also published by William Price.



  1. Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway from the present to the year 1500.
  2. Beacon Hill from the present to the year 1630.
  3. The Boston Common from the present to the year 1630.
  4. The Back Bay from the present to the distant past.
  5. The Old State House from the present to the year 1630.
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