MIGRANTS 1620-1640

These graphs document the migration of 256 individuals from Lincolnshire to New England from 1620 through 1640.

  • 25% (64) were from the Alford Area
  • 65% (166) of these migrants were from the Boston Area
  • 10% (26) were from other areas of Lincolnshire


Roger Thompson published his work MOBILITY AND MIGRATION in 2009. My research shows 78% more migrants from Lincolnshire than Thompson’s data does. In particular, our data varies most for 1630, 1633, 1638, and 1639.


For the purposes of the LINCOLNSHIRE MIGRATIONS menu, the items shown above will be discussed over time. As each item is added, it will be posted in the BLOG section of the HOMEPAGE and subscribers will be notified of the addition. For now, those items listed below will be included and items show in bold highlight have been completed. Please comment on this page to discuss any additions or corrections to the list.

©  by Barry A. Cotton


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