The initial tie linking Boston, Lincolnshire, and Boston, Massachusetts was established September 7, 1630, when immigrants from Boston, Lincolnshire helped found the Massachusetts Bay Company and named their settlement on the Shawmut Peninsula after Boston, Lincolnshire. From the founding of Boston, Massachusetts in 1630 until 1849, no documented historical ties between the two Bostons have been documented in my research. During this period Boston struggled under the Dominion of New England, established independence from England in 1776 and again reaffirmed independence in the War of 1812. By 1849 Boston had transformed into America’s cultural center and third largest city. Since then, Bostonians have re-established ties with Boston, Lincolnshire, England.

BOSTON 400 is a collaborative aspirational work in progress that:

  1. promotes public awareness of the 400th Anniversary of the founding of Boston in 2030,
  2. elucidates the pivotal role Boston, Lincolnshire played in founding the Mass. Bay Company and Boston USA,
  3. and explores the life of Rev. John Cotton.

BOSTON 400 welcomes content contributions from others regarding 17thcentury England, the Massachusetts Bay Company and migrants from Boston, Lincolnshire and its surrounding villages.

Inquiries, content contributions, oversights, corrections, and additions can best be submitted through this CONTACT LINK.

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